Press Release

FOR RELEASE: September 2005
CONTACT: Amy Racina, (707) 433-6686,
Jeanne House

Katrina Survivors Inspire Inner Strength

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, survival is a topic that is on the minds of many. Tales of generosity, determination and courage in the face of the devastating storm inspire our compassion and encourage us to do what we can to help the victims. Concern for the people impacted by Katrina also becomes a personal consideration. How would we and our neighbors fare if such a tragedy should engulf our own neighborhoods? What would each of us do if faced with such extreme circumstances? Would we find the strength that is needed to survive the unsurvivable? These are the questions that we ponder as we read of the devastation brought about by hurricane Katrina.

In August of 2003, Amy Racina faced just such a life and death disaster. An unexpected 60 foot fall during a routine hiking holiday in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains left her stranded in a ravine in deep wilderness, both legs badly broken, with little hope of rescue.

Her new book, Angels in the Wilderness: The True Story of One Woman’s Survival Against All Odds (Elite Books, October 2005, $25 is the saga of her devastating fall and her remarkable journey towards salvation and recovery. For four days and nights, utterly alone in a remote area of the wilderness, with both legs shattered, Amy clung tenaciously to life, battling pain, fear and exhaustion, pulling herself along with her hands and refusing to give up even though her chances of salvation were remote.

The book tells the story of her miraculous rescue, heard by chance by a passing hiker, and airlifted out 24 hours later, dangling fearfully from two straps high above the ravine where she had fallen. Her remarkable tale continues as her communities rally around her, and she fights to learn to walk once again.

Angels is a fascinating tale, a true-life lesson in faith, endurance, determination and survival. It is an inspiration to many, and motivates others to survive whatever circumstances might befall them; a sudden fall, a torrential hurricane, an automobile accident, or some unknown and unexpected circumstance.